33 – The Good People and Trees

hawthorn tree2

Faerie Trees. Usually Hawthorn or Ash, are all over Ireland and easily spotted. It is well known to touch, move or remove one of the Faerie’s Trees angers the Good People.

hawthorn tree

There are many instances where the Good People have taken revenge on a person or people foolish enough to meddle with one of their trees.

But why?

Why do the Good People treasure, and protect their trees so fiercely?

What purpose might they serve in the society of the Good People?

Kitty ponders whether it’s time we take a fresh look at our relationship with the trees around us and whether we can learn from the Good People.


As always, Kitty shows you it’s not only okay to believe in the Good People, but it makes you a vastly more interesting person!

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Edited by Magic Dan
Excerpt from ‘Alms in Autumn’ by Rose Fyleman. Read by Emkay.
Tales from the School’s Collection, duchas.ie. Read by cherrypie and cwduddy.
Theme Music: Giorgio Di Campo
Additional Music: ‘Cursed Lullaby’ by Jonathan Segev.
‘Melody of my Dreams’ by Royalty Free Zone.
‘Forest at Night’ by Royalty Free Zone.
‘Traditional Irish Music’ by Live Better Media.


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