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Faerie Photos on the Isle of Man – John H.

We conclude our special feature from John Hall and his Faerie adventures on the Isle of Man with a series of photos.

John took all these photos himself and has kindly shared them with us here on Faerie of Ireland. Some of these images have been published in Janet Bord’s book ‘The Traveller’s Guide to Fairy Sites’ by Gothic Publications, and are also mentioned in two other of her publications. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think….

Cheers, Kitty.


Pic 06
 The muddy path looking back down the area of the experience 

Pic 07
 The actual picture of the Stick Figure in the tree canopy, (top centre) as I was having this weird sensation. 

Pic 08A filter
 Enlargement close up of Figure. 

Pic 08B filter
 Further colour filter close ups. 

Pic 08C filter
 Different colour filter close up. 

Pic 09
 Another colour filter close up. 

Pic 10
 Last enlargement with alternative colour filter. 

Pic 11
 Upper Glen Auldyn looking toward the Slate Quarries where small figures where seen dancing.

The Midnight Walker

This occurred in the summer of the year 2019, in Manorhamilton. County Leitrim, Ireland.mai caravan (2)

For about a month and a half, I was living in a caravan in the backyard of a man I was working for. Most nights were peaceful and quiet, but some nights I could hear someone, or something, walking around the caravan.

Every time I would look out of the window, I would see nothing, even though I would clearly hear someone walking right beside the caravan. The yard was surrounded by very high walls, so no human could enter the premises.

mais wall (2)

It could not have been my boss, as the noises happened also at nights when he was away in Dublin. And even if he wasn’t, I don’t know of any man that can circle a caravan yet be invisible, especially since in the beginning of the Irish summer even as late as 11:30 there’s still light outside, so if anything visible was there, I would see it.

I know it could not have been any animal, since the sounds of this “being” walking around the caravan was clearly something which was walking on two legs, one step at a time. The steps were always graceful and gentle, yet too heavy, and two-legged to be any animal that lives in Ireland.

And all of that is without regarding how any human or huge animal could cross the walls surrounding the premises? Or more than that, be invisible? It clearly sounded like as if a grown human was walking there, yet each time I would take a look, nothing was visible. After I established it was no human or animal, I tried to think what could it be, but found no logical explanation.

mais moon (2)Most nights it was quiet. But even the nights in which I did hear the noises of something circling the caravan, it was seldom something that went on all night. But things changed towards my last two weeks there.

One night a friend of mine came over to stay at my place. So we both slept in the caravan that night. We were about to fall asleep, but then started hearing noises of something walking around the caravan. That’s when I knew none of it was my imagination playing games on me, it was all real.

My friend got a bit nervous, but I told him to not worry too much and to go to sleep. I was very tired and fell asleep right away. But in the morning, my friend shared with me he experienced several strange things at night after I fell asleep. He said he saw a human size shadow passing by the window, and claims to have heard knocking on the caravan for a long time until he finally fell asleep. When he shared with me what he has heard and seen, I wasn’t surprised at all.

The days went by, and every now and then I would hear the walking noises and soft knocking. And then came my last week in the caravan, after that I was due to leave and move on to my next destination in Ireland.

One night I went to sleep, and the walking noises woke me up for being so strong. It made me feel quite uncomfortable. I stayed up and listened to the eerie noises. Since they were louder than usual, I was now afraid of this unknown being. And even though it never caused me any harm, I started banging on the caravan’s wall, to cast away the being. A side in me wanted to let this being expose itself to me, as it was no ordinary experience. But my biological instincts were too strong, and made me fear the unknown being. Not long after I fell asleep.

Another day has passed, and night came. But no noises were heard that night, as if the being knew it was no longer wanted and welcomed.  The night after that was my last night in the caravan before moving on to a new place. I was utterly baffled, I kept telling myself that I still don’t know what that being was, and that it was my last chance to see what it was.  But at the same time, I could not forget how fearful I was last time I had heard the being. Right before I went to bed, I circled the caravan to see if I could see or hear anything, but nothing was there.

I went to bed with a strong sour feeling, knowing I won’t have another chance to see the being, all because I couldn’t overcome my natural fear of the unknown. I had a genuine will by then to encounter the being again. And just as I thought that, I heard the being once more. The walking noises around the caravan were now louder than ever. As soon as that happened I was struck with fear and regretted my wish to encounter the being once more. The noises were so much more profound that night, I really couldn’t ignore them and go to sleep. It was as if the being knew it was my last night there and wanted to make contact with me.

mai shadow (2)

Being more afraid than any of the nights before, I banged on the caravan walls as strong as I could, and shouted at the being to leave me alone in every language I can speak. But it was all in vain, the noises kept on going.

As loud as the noises were this time, they were still soft and gentle. Desperate what to do, I rang my mother all the way to the other side of the world for advice. She tried to think of logical explanations, but when all were ruled out, she asked me what did I think it was.

Studying the world of Faerie was something I had done all my life, yet I never heard of such an encounter. Some Faerie beings are tricksters, who like to mess around with people and scare them, but I was certain that wasn’t the case, since the being could scare me way more if it wanted to. It could scream, and bang the caravan with power to achieve “Maximum mischief”, but the noises were always gentle and soft.

Additionally, I could never see the being, when a classic mischiefer would wear a scary appearance to scare you as much as possible, yet I could never see it. After assuming it was no faerie (even though there thousands of types of faeries, and I cannot rule it out completely as we have such little knowledge of all the kinds), I started thinking of a new, different direction. Could it be, well, a ghost?

Reading about ghost encounters in the past, it was indeed similar to what I was experiencing. Still on the phone with my mother, (a complete sceptic regarding such topics) she noted her great aunt always claimed ghosts were usually simply misunderstood. My mother told me “Mai, did this being ever do anything to harm you? Maybe it’s just trying to befriend you.”

blur statue (2)

After that, since it was late, we ended the call and I had time to think of what my mother had told me. The more I thought about it, and thought of all that happened so far, the more it made sense to me. This ghost never did anything aggressive towards me. I became silent and wanted to see what will happen. But the noises still scared the biological side of me, so I decided to watch a show on my laptop in bed to distract myself from the noises. But I was more receptive to the ghost now.

I said to the being in the night air that I’m sorry for trying to cast it away, and that it is welcomed to stay. I watched my show and still heard the noises in the background. When the episode on my laptop ended, I clearly heard a soft, yet clear feminine voice saying a word which I could not understand. I was astonished, but too scared to keep listening.

I put another episode, and when it ended I heard the exact same soft voice saying that word once more. By now it was very, very late, and I put another episode and fell asleep.

In the morning, still in awe by the night events, I walked around the caravan to see something that shocked me. A huge hole in the stone wall. I looked inside the hole, and there was an abandoned home. “How didn’t I noticed that before?”, I thought to myself.

Later that day I asked my boss who used to live there, and he said he did not know, but that it’s been abandoned for at least more than 20 years.

mais ghost (2)

And so, me and the ghost parted ways. I often wonder who was the ghost and what did it want from me. Based on all I’ve heard, I think the being was some sort of form of a female ghost. I guess I’ll never know. But I and the being will always have the memories of our time together.

I often wonder what would have happened if I was more brave that night.


25 – Faerie Horses


No, not the winged my-little-pony fairy horses who poop glitterdust and rainbows.

Not the Kelpie, Puca or Glashtin, those fascinating faerie creatures who appear before us as horses and lead us into one calamity or another!kelpie4 (2)

Kitty is talking about horses who live and work beside the Good People. Their working companions.

Horses have been our hard-working, well-trusted and much-loved companions for longer than our mortal brains can imagine. So it goes, the Good People have also lived close beside these magnificent creatures.


This leads us to ponder:demon horse 4 (2)

Are horses belonging to the Good People more enlightened than our equine friends?
or are they as unpredictable, cruel and dangerous as the Good People can (sometimes) be?

We take a close look at real encounters with Faerie horses, and run the gamut of experiences from kindly and charitable to downright deadly.

demon horse3 (2)


So, giddyup… it’s going to be a wild ride.

As always, Kitty encourages keeping an open mind and reminds you it’s okay to believe in the Good People.

For lots of Faerie ideas, insights, facts and fun, be sure to check in daily at Kitty’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


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24 – Phantom Faerie Funerals

ghost procession (2)

Did you know… it is bad luck to meet a funeral procession head on?

But don’t despair, there are things you can do to keep on the right side of good fortune. If you see a funeral procession approaching, turn yourself around, and walk at least three steps in line with the funeral march.

Or, if there’s no safe space or time enough to turn around, hold on to a button, or the pin of your collar, until the funeral procession passes by.

That’s all good and well, but what if it’s your own funeral you’re observing?

This week Kitty takes a look at Phantom Faerie Funerals and asks:coffin (2)

How do the Good People know when a Human is soon to die?

Do the Good People mimic the sound of building a coffin while a Human lay dying nearby?

Why do the Good People do a ‘practice run’ of a funeral which takes place only moments later?

and is it a kindness or a cruelty to show a Human their own imminent funeral?



The Good People are a curious lot.

They are known to seek a Human to bear witness to one of their own sombre processions, but what are we witnessing really?

Is it all a big misunderstanding?

As always, Kitty encourages keeping an open mind and reminds you it’s okay to believe in the Good People.


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Welsh tales read by Simon.
Irish tale read by Simon.

23 – Spirit of Place

Kitty has a bee in her bonnet!

The time has come to clear the air and take a look at one of the foundations of believing and understanding Faerie Folklore: Spirit of Place.


irish storytelling

Traditional Irish and Celtic Folklore doesn’t bark or harangue us. It seeps, quietly, into the corners of our mind and memories. It speaks to each of us without prejudice.

In this episode, Kitty ponders the experience of being an Irish, or Celtic, descendant and asks:

Is it wrong, or offensive, for someone outside of Ireland to discuss Irish Folklore?

Why do millions of Americans, Canadians and Australians feel such a powerful connection to the homeland of their Ancestors.

What is Spirit of Place anyway, and what’s it got to do with Ancestral Memory?

cliffs moher clare

irish dancing2IRELAND. Munster. Tipperary County. Thurles. 1952. Pub. irish-music.jpgirish kitchenirish politics

celtic cross

irish migration


soda bread (2)


As always, Kitty explains why it’s okay to feel passionately about the homeland of your Ancestors and encourages everyone to relax and keep an open mind.

Read stories of encounters with the Good People, and share your own story of an encounter or perhaps one handed down through your family.  You can contact Kitty at


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22 – Extreme Acts of Faerie Kindness

worried fairy (2)

What keeps Tinkerbell awake at night?

Wee Billy’s lost homework? Or sweet Jane’s knotted piggy-tails? Does all this worry give her worry-wrinkles? Yes, yes and probably not.

But, what do the Faerie of Ireland worry about? Do they step in and help wee Billy, or sweet Jane, or are they preoccupied with worrying about deforestation? urban sprawl? or tyrannical leaders?

Of course, kindness can take many forms and sizes.

We know the Good People often help those who have helped one of their own, a farmer here, a bus-driver there…

ireland hunger (2)but is it possible the Good People help their Human neighbours during times of great crisis or chaos?

This week, Kitty takes a look at an old story of Faerie lending a helping hand during Irelands darkest days and ponders if this is more common than we ever imagined.


Kitty explains why it’s not only okay to believe in Faeries, but how believing will fill your mind and heart with wonder.

ireland rainbow

To read more stories of encounters with the Good People, share your own story of an encounter, perhaps one handed down through your family, or just an unusual experience, drop in and say hi to Kitty at:


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21 – Amadan: The Dark Fool of Madness

amadan (2)

Faerie of traditional Irish Faerie Folklore are old and clever, and far from perfect.

In fact, one of their own is so insane he is believed to be the most dangerous, and terrifying of them all. Forget your Red Cap, Sluagh and Black Shuck, the Amadan is the most dreaded of all the Good People.

He is erratic, attacking randomly. One touch from the Amadan will paralyse the body and turning your minds insane. And guess what?… he is most prevalent in the month of June.

amadan (2)

In this episode, Kitty ponders why Amadan is let loose during June, looks at true accounts of people who have witnessed or fallen victim to the Amadan and asks:

Is it possible the Good People try to protect Humans from the Amadan?

Could we be the cause of his cursed madness?

Is there any way of defending ourselves from him (apart from running fast)?


As always, Kitty explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries and invites you to read more stories of encounters with the Good People, share your own story of an encounter, perhaps one handed down through your family, or just an unusual experience visit Kitty at:


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‘The Madman’ poem by Khalil Gibran (1918). Read by Zed.
Lady Gregory read by Niamh.
‘Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland’ by Lady Augusta Gregory. Published 1920.
‘The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke’ by Richard Dadd.
‘The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke’ song by Queen.