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There are loads of really interesting ideas and fresh ideas and perspectives regarding Faerie of Ireland so… let’s share them!

weird fox

Did you know that Co. Westmeath was a ‘hotbed’ of Leprechaun activity in 1908?

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Irish Times article.

Interesting article from exploring the dark side of Faerie.

Dangerous Encounters

A report suggesting why Banshee is rarely seen in modern times. Tongue firmly in cheek, but I like the way they’re thinking…

“… in the end, all we needed was for enough Irish heritage and mythology to be eroded by the hubris of smartphone generation, and the scourge of the wailing woman was gone”.

Waterford Whispers News – Banshee sightings down 100%

Blaming the Faeries again…


If the article shown above is a little hard to read, here is the text.

FORCES other than the recent winds are being blamed for thwarting efforts to erect two large electricity poles near Sooey. The new power line, which will run along the Ballintogher road from Sooey, will pass over a local fairy fort, with one set of poles very close to it.

Contractors working for the ESB erected a number of sets of two poles (about 70 feet high) shortly before Christmas. However two poles erected within about 20 yards of the fairy fort were bent over by the wind in a short time. The workers returned and straightened the poles again just before Christmas. But over the holiday period both poles fell flat on the ground.

Last week the contractors returned again and re-erected the poles yet again but by the following day one pole had fallen to the ground again and the other was bent over at an angle. The strong winds have been blamed for knocking the poles but a local man suggested that darker forces were at work as well. He pointed out that other poles in the line have not been affected in the same way.

“Some of the others have bent over a bit but none have been knocked over completely like the two near the fort.” He said people locally had great respect for the fairy fort and it had never been interfered with before for fear of what might happen. © Sligo Weekender

Miscellaneous articles

Cattle victims of Elf-shot

Fairy Bushes in Northern Ireland

Fairy Forts

Fairy Bush

Road damaged by Faeries

The Otherworld

The Centre for Fortean Zoology (Blog)- Contains many interesting articles regarding Faerie.

deadbutdreaming – Neil Rushton (Blog) – Exploration and discussion of Otherwordly Things. Loads of great articles about Faerie.

Two Tales from the storyteller and activist (see above) Eddie Lenihan. 

Eddie Lenihan – The Black Dog

Eddie Lenihan – The Farmer







Recommended reading

Meeting the Other Crowd – Eddie Lenihan

The Good People – Hannah Kent 

Ireland – A Novel – Frank Delaney

Middle Kingdom – The Faerie World of Ireland – Dermot MacManus

Celtic Fairy Tales – Joseph Jacobs

A Field Guide to Irish Fairies – Bob Curran

The Fairy Realm – Ronan Coghlan.  Ronan has kindly sent me a copy of his book, all the way from Ireland to Australia. Thank you Ronan, it is a great book for anyone with an interest in Faerie Folklore.

Recommended documentary

Searching for Faeries.

Ronan Kelly’s Ireland – East Galway Fairies

Still on the fence?

Not sure if you believe?

Check out this East Galway farmer, Pat Noone.

Faerie Encounter

This encounter with Faerie in Scotland is titled ‘terrifying’ but seems fascinating to me, I only wish I’d been there to see them for myself.

Interviews by Michael Fortune

A selection of wonderful interviews by Folklorist Michael Fortune.



For more fascinating insights to Irish Faerie Folklore from Michael Fortune, visit

Michael Fortune Youtube

Michael Fortune Website

Good Listening

The Waterboys – The Stolen Child

Christy Moore – Reel in the Flickering Light

Luka Bloom – Sunny Sailor Boy

Saw Doctors – Away with the Fairies

The Velocity of Now – Thomas Sheridan. Interesting discussion on YouTube about Faeries and the Otherworld.

Scary Fairy Godmother. – Great youtube channel for excellent tales, relaxing visuals and soothing voice.