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but fair warning…, leave your Tinkerbell’s

and Leprechauns at the door,

it’s time to talk about the real Faeries.


We know that Faerie of traditional Celtic Faerie Folklore are old and clever.

But did you know they can treacherous too, and are all around us, watching, always watching. But what are they thinking?

Are they impressed by our touchscreen technology or do they curse our lack of enlightenment?  Should we fear them?

Here at ‘Encounters with the Good People’ we are on a mission to find out. Every episode explores creatures, theory or phenomena related to the Good People using anecdotal and written accounts from genuine sources, as well as through music, poetry and art.

It’s light, it’s chatty, and it just might change your mind about the Good People.

Tune in every Wednesday and join Kitty for a new episode to discover if the Good People are our Friend, our Foe, both or… neither!


List of Podcast Episodes

1 – The Good People: What are they thinking and Should we fear them?

2 – Ireland, Ancestral Memory and Thin Places

3 – Banshee: Harbinger of Death or Spiritual Companion?

4 – Faerie Dogs: Friends or Foe? – Black Shucks and Hellhounds

5 – Faerie Guardian Dogs: The Faerie Dog who Saved the Day

6 – Changelings and Abductions​: Human Hysteria or Faerie Intervention?

7 – Changelings and Abductions: Faerie Mischief or A Higher Purpose?

8 – Wee Pocket Podcast: 5 Old Tales of Changelings and Abductions

9 – Leanan Sidhe: Vampiric Muse or Divine Messenger?

10 – Faerie Vengeance and Simple Rules to Avoid It

11 – Faerie Vengeance and Proof Tinkerbell is Soft

12 – Brief Encounters and The Benefits of Daydreaming when Faerie Spotting

13 – Mermaids and Mermen: Is it Safe to go in the Water?

14 – Selkie: Still Waters Run Deep

15 – Beltane and the Month of Faerie Madness

16 – Bloody May: Will o’Wisp, Red Cap and Sluagh

17 – Household Faerie

18 – Wee Pocket Podcast: 3 Tales of Faerie from the Sea

19 – Beware the Faerie Ring

20 – The Old Hag

21 – Amadan: The Dark Fool of Madness

22 – Extreme Acts of Faerie Kindness

23 – Spirit of Place

24 – Phantom Faerie Funerals

25 – Faerie Horses

26 – Glastig

27 – Yeats and the Good People

28 – Manx Faerie

29 – Faerie Wind

30 – The Death Bogle

31 – Pocket Podcast – Mermaid Tales.

32 – Pixies

33 – The Good People and Trees

34 – Wolves and Wulvers